Lizzie Ottenstein


We’re thrilled to be releasing the first episode of Fusebytes, our monthly podcast with tech leaders from all industries. In this episode, we talk to two healthcare innovation experts from UCHealth about enhancing patient experiences with tech, measuring success, women in leadership and more. Check us out on Apple Podcasts.

Join Fuse, Enhance International Group, LLC, and DataSpeckle for the fourth webinar in our AI for Business series. In Visual Insight for Safety, we’ll explore video AI best practices to share affordable approaches while maintaining privacy to make quick responses and demonstrate our 3-step image to insight methodology for achieving AI enabled video automation.

We depend on partners, clients, and supporters of our social mission. By working with Fusemachines, you become part of our social mission while we address your AI needs and priorities. We recently launched a program in which every time a client brings on an engineer, another engineer gets a scholarship. In the coming months, our customers will be able to specifically select the students they want to receive the scholarship.