Social Impact of Working with Fusemachines

Fusemachines is dedicated to democratizing AI and has been involved in many initiatives aimed at doing so. We believe this begins in the classroom and ends with a successful and fulfilling career. This is why our efforts are targeted at students at the K-12 level all the way through the graduate level especially in underserved communities. To advance this mission, we’ve launched AI schools in Latin America, various parts of Asia, and Africa serving 50k+ students, providing 10k+ scholarships, across 50+ schools. 

Fusemachines is expanding its courses to include students in rural communities in the United States. A critical component of connecting our students with the best jobs are our clients who hire the graduates of our schools. To do this, we depend on partners, clients, and supporters of our social mission. By working with us, you become part of our social mission while we address your AI needs and priorities. To this end, we recently launched a program in which every time a client brings on an engineer, another engineer gets a scholarship. In the coming months, our customers will be able to specifically select the students they want to receive the scholarship.

We’d love to involve you in our social mission. Here are some ways to do so and the contact information to get you started.

Spread the word about Fusemachines

The most important thing, and also the easiest, is to help spread the word on our social mission. Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter and share our pages with people in your network. You can also check out our YouTube channel if videos are your thing. If you want to hear from our CEO, check out his Forbes articles. Share our story with anyone and everyone: your colleagues, roommates, neighbors, friends, kids’ teachers, etc. This is the biggest way you can help. 

Refer our services to someone you know (or your organization!) 

This program, which you heard about above, is core to our business model. Check out how we create world class AI teams. For more information on this, please reach out to or visit our AI teams page. Refer our data and AI services or your organization. Critical to our ability to provide scholarships and edu programs here in the US and abroad in underserved communities is our support from customers. 

Our customers rave about the world class teams we build in which we pair our in-house-trained AI engineers with North America-based senior AI engineers and PhDs to create well-rounded AI teams that bring real value to organizations.

Introducing Fuse Talks 

We’re so excited to announce Fuse Talks! Starting later this year, we’re going to be holding virtual talks featuring people who share our social mission. These will be available to those excited to learn from people in the AI space and are especially recommended for students looking for mentors in the field. Viewers will hear industry insights, experiences as an engineer, and impactful and tangible advice on having a successful career in AI. All are about the latest and greatest in the industry. For more information about Fuse Talks, please reach out to Giovanni Patrick VP of AI Solution Services at

AI education in the US 

We’re thrilled to be expanding our educational mission to students in rural America. We’re looking for teachers and industry experts looking to get involved in bringing AI to underserved communities. If you’re interested, please reach out to our head of Human Resources Taylor at

There are lots of ways you can have an impact on people around the world. The above are just a few. If you’re not sure how you can help but are interested, feel free to reach out to Carol at

We are so excited about bringing our clients closer to our social mission by giving them the opportunity to engage with it directly. We can’t wait to keep expanding and to involve you in our mission.