Taking stock of our mission and how it helps companies achieve digital transformation

Our mission to democratize AI encompasses a vision to enhance access to AI: across AI talent, education and job opportunities. Here’s how we achieve this mission — both on a small and large scale.

Training First

Talent exists everywhere but opportunities don’t. We train engineers from all over the world in AI and connect them with our clients who are then able to achieve their digital transformation aspirations. The talent we generate either work for us or our clients on cutting edge projects and make real differences that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

Our clients are drawn to this model of training, not simply hiring engineers across the world who go one to work with them. These engineers work on projects specializing in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing.

Our AIDR Framework 

  • The first consideration is whether a problem lends itself to an AI solution (i.e., determining the viability of the algorithm)
  • Next, one needs to understand the impact of the solution by determining whether or not it results in a significant ROI
  • The third step is to discover the data challenges. Without a large amount of data, building an AI model is almost impossible
  • Lastly, is this a recurring problem? Putting in the time and effort to create an AI solution makes the most sense for recurring problems that generate constant data.

Creation of New Opportunities and Efficient Service Delivery

In addition to providing clients with the artificial intelligence capabilities that advance their digital missions, we democratize AI in businesses specifically by creating more jobs (AI creates more jobs and roles) and providing strategic level help and training to executives, managers and stakeholders at all levels.

We help clients solve their AI challenges, figure out how AI fits into their road maps and how it can be used while creating jobs in the process for more and more people.

We understand that digital transformation is not only technical but also cultural, and we help facilitate this transition. Most people know AI is helpful and they should invest in it, but there is often a lack of knowledge at the executive level on how AI should be leveraged across their business, in addition to access to talent, and an understanding of ethics.

Because of this, some change management is necessary. Fusemachines acts as a shepherd of change in organizations. We hold clients’ hands through the transition and reassure them that they won’t be automated out. We take a human-first and ethics-oriented approach, with a focus on augmenting human capabilities.

Delivering Impact

Bringing AI education programs and career opportunities to people in underserved communities around the world is part of our social mission and responsibility. So far we’ve had a lot of success with programs in Nepal, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and even rural cities in the US. 

Democratizing AI and digital transformations requires action at all levels and agreement among stakeholders on the importance and relevance of AI to competing in today’s tech and data driven market. If you’re looking to bring on engineers or upskill existing employees, please reach out.  

Fusemachines offers AI courses through our proprietary platform. The curriculum includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision courses. Certifications like these enable engineers to become leading AI industry experts.