Fuse CEO to Participate in Panel: The Process and Challenges of Integrating Generative AI

Fusemachines CEO Dr. Sameer Maskey to share exciting insights on generative AI

We’re excited to announce that our CEO Dr. Sameer Maskey will be participating in a panel discussion tomorrow on generative AI. The event takes place in New York.  

Stay tuned for insights on: 

  • Is generative AI here to stay? What is hype?
  • Is generative AI going to replace jobs?
  • What can we expect from generative AI in 10 years?
  • How should C-suites and executives think about integrating generative AI? 
  • How much improvement in productivity can we expect from AI?
  • How should we think about staff roles that will be influenced by AI?
  • How can executives prepare for obstacles in implementation and culture changes? 

The Fuse team can’t wait to meet and learn from executives on the cutting-edge of technological advancements, and we look forward to many thought provoking conversations.  

Look out for takeaways from the event coming soon! 

AI has the ability to pave the way forward across industries. We at Fusemachines are continually leading innovation through our far reaching AI capabilities. For more information, please contact us.