Coming Full Circle: AI Fellowship Alumni Reflect and Inspire at Meetup Event

Fusemachines recently held an AI fellowship Alumni meetup for graduates from all cohorts since the program started in 2017. 

Our founder and CEO Dr. Sameer Maskey welcomed alumni by reflecting on how far the program has come in a short period. He shared his vision of expanding the program and taking another step towards our mission to democratize AI while welcoming alumni to be a part of it. 

Fostering a culture of camaraderie and continuous education

The meetup, held on June 14th at Fusemachines Nepal office, Kathmandu, reunited AI Fellowship Alums. The event buzzed with energy and excitement as people reconnected, shared and learned from each other’s experiences, celebrated the accomplishments of their peers, and made meaningful industry connections. Seasoned professionals who have already made significant strides in the AI landscape exchanged insights and career advice with fresh graduates, igniting a spark of inspiration and sense of camaraderie. 

The Alumni Meetup offered invaluable networking opportunities for both young professionals and seasoned veterans

The Alumni meetup provided a unique networking opportunity for individuals in the AI industry to unite through a common experience and form lasting connections. The group represented a variety of experience levels, career paths, ages, and backgrounds. By bringing these people together, the meetup opened doors to new collaborations, partnerships, and career advancements, while also providing a platform for mentorship and guidance. 

Here’s what some of the alumni said.  

I was in the second batch of the AI fellowship. So, yeah, I’m currently doing my master’s in the US.

I’m also involved in a company called Take-Two, a gaming company that I connected through Fusemachines too. The AI fellowship program and Fusemachines helped me a lot throughout my journey, and I am delighted to have been a part of the program and the company itself.

Shashank Prajapati, AI Fellowship 2018

Rojesh Shikhrakar, our Sr. Manager of AI academics also shared his journey as a graduate from the very first batch of the Fusemachines AI fellowship Program.

I was among the first AI fellows in 2017. I am very thankful and proud to have been a part of this program. AI fellowship opened a lot of opportunities for us. As a mechanical engineer, I felt I could move from mechanical engineering to AI hence changing the course of my career. I deeply value that talent is everywhere, but we do not have enough opportunities. And because of that value and I strongly believe in the mission to democratize AI. 

I joined Fusemachines, and since then, I’ve been working to help democratize AI by trying to educate students from different parts of the world and underserved communities.

Rojesh Shikhrakar, AI Fellowship 2017

Thank you to all in attendance at the AI Fellowship Alumni Meetup!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in the AI Fellowship Alumni Meetup on Wednesday. The attendees, organizers, and speakers all provided meaningful insights that led to the success of the event and contributed to the rich learning culture at Fusemachines.

Stay Connected to the Fuse Family!

The AI Fellowship Alumni Meetup has ignited a spirit of collaboration and inspiration that we hope will continue to flourish. The connections made and knowledge exchanged during the event have laid the groundwork for exciting next steps. We encourage all attendees and AI enthusiasts to stay connected, join the vibrant fellowship alumni community, and actively participate in future events. By staying connected, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, opportunities, and a network of talented individuals who share your passion for AI. Stay connected, engage with the alumni community, and be part of the future of AI innovation.

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AI has the ability to pave the way forward across industries. We at Fusemachines are continually leading innovation through our far reaching AI capabilities. For more information, please contact us.