Tackling Logistics Challenges Efficiently: Fuse Inventory Counter 

Fusemachines held an exciting internal hackathon last month where teams competed to develop innovative solutions to market challenges. This event sparked creativity, collaboration, and growth not only within our organization but also beyond it.

The winning team of the AI Hackathon was Team Fuse Inventory Counter. This impressive solution leverages advanced AI algorithms, computer vision, and ML techniques to analyze historical data, predict demand patterns, optimize replenishment strategies, automate stock monitoring, and provide real-time insights. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading for our interview with Suman Maharjan, the business owner of Fuse Inventory Counter.

Project Introduction- Fuse Inventory Counter

Traditional inventory counter suffers from major challenges like inaccurate inventory counts, lack of real-time tracking, manual data entry errors, and difficulty in demand forecasting. The team tried to tackle all these problems and more in this project. Fuse Inventory counter allows you to make the most of your real estate and assets in real-time, make proactive decisions and embrace smart operational solutions. 

Project Summary

Fuse Inventory Counter is an AI-enabled platform that utilizes Computer Vision to scan through CCTV footage and provide real-time insights. It is adaptable to all indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in office spaces, retail, warehouse, manufacturing and across industries. 

It integrates easily into existing camera systems, making it quick to deploy. It also helps companies better measure performance, areas of improvement and areas where they can cut back expenses. It also leads to better productivity and experiences for employees. 

Key Features:

  • Automated Data Capture
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Object Recognition and Classification
  • Shelf and Display Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Quality Control
  • Analytics and Reporting ability

Here is our conversation with Suman Maharjan, business owner of Fuse Inventory Counter, about the ideas behind the product, tech innovation and more.  

Please tell us about your hackathon project.

The logistic team was facing challenges to map out the uses of the inventory in the office. So what our inventory counter does is it takes the feed from the CCTV and maps out the real time uses of inventories in the office. And this helps us to make decisions like people can use items based on their availability in real time.

Please share the skills and technologies your team used during the development of your project.

In Layman’s terms, so basically we use computer vision technologies in which the team used the data from CCTV and did some image classification or object detections and then did some classification saying if it’s engaged or not. So on the technology stack, the team used a YOLO, V8 and some custom-trained models while they used ReactJS and FastAPI as frontend and backend stacks.

How did Fusemachines’ culture, resources and support system facilitate your hackathon journey and ability to innovate and deliver results?

Learning has been a big part of Fusemachines culture. I grew up with this culture in Fusemachines, and I’m very happy to see these young innovators are going through the same experience. The team got very amazing mentorship from the business and technical side in the event and with these mentorship programs, the team built this amazing solution.

Bottom Line

This AI Hackathon highlighted our organization’s exceptional talent, creativity, and collaborative spirit. One of the impressive projects showcased was Fuse Inventory Counter, which has the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Our commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and investing in skill development has propelled us toward our success and continuous improvement goals. Hackathons like this one are a testament to our dedication to these values.

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