Hackathon inspires AI solutions now and for the future 

Internal hackathon embraces learning culture and AI solutions 

This weekend, we completed our Internal AI Hackathon at the Fusemachines Nepal office. The Fusemachines internal AI Hackathon was a whirlwind of excitement as Fuse teams competed with each other to create high-value actionable business ideas and AI product concepts in industries from retail, finance, healthcare and more. As always, we embraced a learning culture to drive growth and success.

There is an unprecedented realization of the potency of AI across the globe at present. This hackathon is Fusemachines’ opportunity to bring the best talent together to develop innovative and effective solutions to complex problems leveraging latest advancements in AI. I can’t wait to see the solutions and products that will be created while supporting our mission to democratize AI.

Rakesh Katuwal – Director of AI Services 

We come away from this hackathon with even more ways to empower our employees to take risks, experiment with ideas and push boundaries. 

What made this possible is our holistic problem solving method. Everyone from data engineers and AI engineers to marketing, design and business advisors joined their expertise to tackle problems from new and creative angles. 

We’re really excited about our creative and innovative breakthroughs around cutting-edge solutions that tackle gaps in the market and have lasting impacts beyond the hackathon.

Bishakha Pande – Assistant Manager for AI Services 

Participants presented a wide range of AI ideas, and while we can’t reveal all the details, below are some of the areas in which our participants presented their AI prototype solutions in response to existing problems in that space. 

Areas of Hackathon project focus

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots are made to answer everything from simple questions to even the most complicated requests. Chatbots are relevant in every industry and can help provide personalized customer experiences. The level of insight gathered through chatbot exchanges with customers can help businesses with long term objectives. This was an area of focus in response to identified gaps. 

AI Telehealth

AI telehealth has soared in popularity since the pandemic, as it allows patients access to top healthcare solutions and providers across the globe. Patients no longer have to see doctors in person — they can receive high quality treatment from the comfort of their homes. This has become a norm and expectation, and we’re exploring how we can create an imprint in this space and augment the patient journey. 

AI Content Generators

AI driven content generations have become immensely popular with applications in a wide range of industries, whether producing marketing content, patents or resume writing. Content generations automate and streamline processes, saving time and money, and allowing executives to move more quickly on projects that have significant return. This is important given the amount of content produced everyday and the growing competition marketers face to resonate and connect with their targeted audiences. 

AI Inventory Management

AI inventory management saves time and money by automating time and energy consuming tasks, allowing executives to focus their attention on more pressing and strategic matters. AI inventory management enables organizations to predict demand, manage warehouses more efficiently and safely, improve logistic productivity and more. There is a huge opportunity here for AI automation and solutions and the team is eager to address it through creative and cutting-edge projects. 

We’ve always known AI’s potential, and now the world does too. We’re thrilled to share our passion for AI solutions with the world through our internal AI hackathon, with solutions ranging from retail to healthcare.

Rojesh Shikhrakar – Senior Manager of AI Academics  

We’re so proud of everything our teams accomplished during the hackathon and are extremely hopeful about the impact the projects will have on our company and beyond.

Stay tuned to learn more about our hackathon projects soon.

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