Fusemachines Hackathon to create impactful AI solutions

Announcing the internal Fusemachines AI Hackathon 2023!

We are excited to announce that Fusemachines will be running a 30 hour internal AI Hackathon April 21st-23rd. The team submitted 33 AI solutions to address gaps they’ve noticed in the market and we’ve shortlisted to 18. In the coming weeks, teams will be coming up with solutions in healthcare, sales, marketing, retail and HR.

We’re here to capture the behind the scenes journey through a series of blogs before, during and after the internal AI Hackathon. 

So, why are we running an internal AI Hackathon?

The world is abuzz with excitement around AI. The time is now to pioneer game-changing AI solutions that further our mission to democratize AI, and bring AI opportunities to underserved communities. 

This Hackathon is a chance for Fuse data science and AI engineers to come up with ideas that address key industry problems while honing in on an opportunity to create solutions that have a global impact.

Our Fuse team is very passionate about outside the box solutions, and we love a challenge to create meaningful change. We are ready to look at problems differently and leverage AI to solve them while embracing our culture of continuous learning and innovation

Exploring solutions and addressing gaps in the market 

Here are the trends and challenges we’re seeing in the market and industries relevant to us. While we cannot get into the specifics of projects, we’re hoping to solve many critical gaps. The following industries have major opportunities to embrace AI. 

  • AI Healthcare: Healthcare has historically used legacy systems that prevent migration to modern technology solutions. However, over the COVID-19 pandemic we learned how much AI and technology can revolutionize healthcare. AI is currently helping more and more patients get access to doctors around the world through innovative health-tech solutions and tele-health. AI Healthcare can process massive amounts of data and health records to forecast patterns and make predictions 
  • AI Sales and AI marketing: Sales and marketing teams used to spend many manual hours identifying and reaching out to leads, taking away from the important strategic tasks their roles rely on. With the help of technology and AI, sales and marketing teams can identify leads, nurture them, and deliver relevant content to keep them interested. 
  • AI Retail: The retail industry is always evolving and needs to predict and deliver on trends before they happen. The industry is moving faster than ever, and conducting demand research in traditional ways isn’t cutting it. Modern retail businesses are leveraging AI to manage inventory more efficiently and predict demand. 
  • AI in HR: Recruiters used to spend hours and hours parsing through resumes and potential candidates for a particular role. Now HR teams are using AI to screen candidates, conduct interviews and survey employee satisfaction. 

If you’re looking for an AI partner who can provide AI talent and consulting, outsourcing or looking for an AI driven digital transformation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get hacking and have fun!