Fusemachines Engages in a Dialogue with US Ambassador Dean Thompson on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Nepal

We are pleased to showcase our Managing Director – Parag Shrestha in the US Embassy’s “Conversations From Nepal” series for an insightful discussion on entrepreneurship with Ambassador Dean Thompson, Pavitra Gautam- Co-Founder & CEO of Karkhana and Corban Bryant- Co-Founder & CEO of Purnaa. 

In an effort to boost entrepreneurial spirit and foster innovation opportunities in Nepal, our Managing Director shared his perspectives on facilitating these positive changes by:

  • Embracing the potentials of the digital realm and the evolving capabilities of AI and technology-led innovation with enthusiasm, purpose, and a problem-solving mindset.
  • Empowering the youth of Nepal and beyond to forge careers, innovate, and address global challenges through opportunities in AI education.
  • Embracing challenges and failures as catalysts for success and growth.

The evident resilience and vast potential of Nepal stem from the entrepreneurial energy of our youth, actively reshaping the landscape of business possibilities. At Fusemachines, our commitment lies in nurturing this potential by providing tailored upskilling and training opportunities, allowing our talent to learn and thrive. Our goal is to assist individuals in recognizing their capabilities while leveraging our collective strength to attain advanced and high-end AI technologies.

Guided by our CEO, Dr. Sameer Maskey, Fusemachines propels forward with the belief that “talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not.” Recognizing the lack of appropriate resources for many in the talent pool, we strive to bridge this gap, enabling individuals to pursue AI careers and entrepreneurial ventures. In doing so, they can innovate and address critical AI challenges for global businesses across various industries.

Through these concerted efforts and initiatives, we aim to embody the true essence of our mission, which is to democratize AI.

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