As a healthcare executive, you’re likely excited about the promise of artificial intelligence to drive innovation in care delivery, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. However, you also recognize that the use of AI in healthcare raises ethical questions that must be addressed. We explore how you can implement innovative AI solutions while safeguarding patient privacy and building trust.

AI is changing the way industries across the board function. In the legal field, the impact of AI is pivotal in transforming the provision of legal services. By combining AI with human skill, the legal industry can harness the full potential of AI while maintaining the integrity and trust that is fundamental to the practice of law.

The Fuse team attended our partner Luminate AI’s Data & AI Leadership Exchange event yesterday. We spoke with so many business leaders and executives across industries who are curious about AI and excited to embrace AI into the strategic direction of their organization and create AI initiatives that align with their organization’s tech strategy.

In our third episode, we chat with Igor Joblokov, CEO & Founder of Pryon, an AI company that delivers knowledge management platforms to enterprises and Sameer Maskey, our CEO & Founder. We discuss democratizing AI through access to AI education and career opportunities, current STEM education challenges and the role of emerging AI trends in the overall advancement of technology.