FuseBytes Episode 19: Andrew Abner of Take-Two on Leadership, ChatGPT, AI in Gaming & More

We’re back with the latest episode of FuseBytes! Our guest this month is Andrew Abner, Director of Enterprise Data Science at Take-Two Interactive. He was previously Senior Engineering Manager at Pluto and Technical Lead at HBO

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In this episode, you’ll learn about 

  • Keeping distributed teams engaged, motivated and connected 
  • AI in the gaming industry 
  • The impact of AI on a day to day basis
  • Why we’re expected to do more with less because of AI and technology 
  • The Take-Two | Fusemachines partnership 

I think what makes Fusemachines different from other vendors is that Fusemachines is more like a family than a vendor. Within that culture, that family culture, there’s care that’s taken and love and respect that is delivered in the workplace. So that has been tremendous for us. When someone learns something with Fusemachines, everyone learns it as well. The consultants that we work with from Fusemachines grow, we’ve seen a rapid development in their technical capabilities. And that also sets the standard high for what we need on our internal teams to show growth as well. So that has been great. Seeing what the founder of Fusemachines has done is extremely inspiring.

Andrew Abner on the Take-Two | Fusemachines partnership


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