Revolutionizing Patent Writing With AI

Fuse Patent Writer Takes 3rd Place in Fusemachines AI Hackathon

Fusemachines recently held an internal hackathon, where teams competed to develop innovative solutions to various market challenges. The event served as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and growth within our organization and hopefully beyond. 

Team Fuse Patent successfully secured the second runner-up position. We’ll discuss the project here. Read to the end for our conversation with Rakesh Katuwal, the project’s business owner! 

Introducing Fuse Patent Writer

Businesses and individuals want to protect their intellectual property to safeguard their inventions. Provisional patents are a fast and affordable way to establish an early file date while allowing time to test and perfect a concept.

Drafting patents for new inventions involves challenges such as meeting application and legal requirements, timeliness, full IP disclosures, and nonetheless costs. 

But what if there were an AI-based solution that could take away the burden of drafting detailed patents? 

This is where Fuse Patent comes in.

The team took a deep dive to understand the pain points of writing patents. This project was designed to offer tailored solutions, providing real value and addressing the core challenges of conventional patent writing. 

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Project summary

Fuse Patent uses AI to draft provisional patent applications, ensuring all specifications and requirements are met, minimizing human errors, and establishing an early filing date to hold patent rights.

Current challenges with the traditional patent writing process

  1. Expertise and knowledge gap
  2. Time-intensive nature
  3. Lack of collaboration
  4. Iterative process
  5. Cost implications
  6. Language and clarity challenges
  7. Keeping pace with technological advancements

The web-based platform leverages generative AI to deliver fully drafted patents in a matter of minutes.

Key Features:

  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Semantic understanding
  • Automated patent drafting
  • Legal compliance
  • Language Customization
  • Collaboration and editing
  • Intellectual property (IP) strategy support
  • Learning and improvement

Here is our conversation with Rakesh Katuwal, business owner of Patent Writer, about the ideas behind the solution, tech innovation and more.  

Please tell us about your hackathon project

The idea behind this project

is to draft provisionals from the technical write-ups, eventually reducing the time for filing provisionals and, of course, cost saving. The main technology that we use to build this solution is around using generative models. 

Please share the skills and technologies your team used during the development of your project and how these skills contributed to the success of your solution.

So we had AI engineers with expertise in generative AI and then we had other teams or members from software engineering team as well. The front end, back end, UI, UX and then project manager to oversee the different tasks as well. And with this expertise and team effort, we are able to secure the second runner-up position along with the best design team. 

How did Fusemachines’ culture, resources and support system facilitate your hackathon journey and ability to innovate and deliver results?

We are an AI-driven company and we want to be at the forefront of AI. With our in-house expert talent, mentors and business owners with expertise in various techs and skills, especially around generative AI, we are able to build this solution. And Fusemachines supported us with all the technologies, platforms, resources that were needed.

Bottom line

Our internal hackathon was a testament to our organization’s talent, creativity, and collaborative spirit. Fuse Patent showcases this as a project capable of making a real difference.

By fostering a culture of collaboration and providing opportunities for skill development, hackathons contribute significantly to our collective journey toward success and continuous improvement. 

Click here to learn more about the Fusemachines internal AI Hackathon.

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