Highlights & learnings from Luminate AI event

The Fuse team attended our partner Luminate AI’s Data & AI Leadership Exchange event yesterday. We spoke with so many business leaders and executives across industries who are curious about AI and excited to embrace AI into the strategic direction of their organization and create AI initiatives that align with their organization’s tech strategy.

Our CEO Sameer Maskey, and business advisor Bharat Krish had the great opportunity of participating in a panel discussion about generative AI and answering many audience questions.

How should executives think about AI? 

With proper adoption, AI can provide a clear roadmap to business goals as it bolsters efficiency, cuts costs and makes a business more competitive. 

What is the difference between traditional AI and generative AI?

  • Traditional AI encompasses a broad range of rule-based and machine learning techniques to solve a task, for example, ML systems for fraud detection in financial transactions that analyze patterns of behavior to catch suspicious activity. 
  • Generative AI is a branch of ML focused primarily on generating new content from patterns learned from data

What are some examples of generative AI? 

  • Based on short text prompts Dall E-2 can create realistic images and art. Another generative AI example is ChatGPT, an AI driven, NLP tool, which is able to answer questions and help in tasks such as drafting emails and essays, writing code and helping find answers based on a user’s inputs.
  • Over multiple usage and time, these actions allow tools like ChatGPT and Dall E to collect user data, including chat history and preferences, and implement these for future outputs, enabling such models to cater to the users better by producing more effective results.

How do you see trends over the next 6 months of hiring and sourcing within companies?


Fusemachines runs corporate AI training programs catered to managers, technical and non-technical employees alike to equip them with information needed to make AI and data decisions. There are numerous online asynchronous courses run by universities( EdX) and organizations like Coursera and Udemy.

Talent Partnership Models

Fusemachines works with companies with pre-defined AI teams and strategies and meets their particular AI talent needs – such as PHD consultants or senior data engineers.


Organizations may also have to outsource recruiting to partners talent agencies

Congrats to all for a successful event! Please feel free to reach out to the Fusemachines team to explore your AI and generative AI options.