Unlocking Testing Excellence: Fuse Automated Software Testing (FAST)

During Fusemachines’ internal hackathon last month, several teams competed to develop innovative solutions to market challenges. This event sparked creativity, collaboration, and growth not only within our organization but also beyond it.

One of the standout projects of the AI Hackathon was team Fuse Automated Software Testing (FAST). The system automates the generation of software testing codes based on test case descriptions, allowing Quality Assurance Engineers to focus time and effort on more important and urgent tasks without last-minute worries and stress during implementation and live production. 

If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading for our interview with Vicente Rustarazo, the business owner of FAST.

FAST: Project Introduction

As technology advances and software complexity increases, organizations need to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their software testing activities to accelerate time-to-market, meet the demands of their customers and remain competitive.

Developers today struggle with manual software testing, as it’s time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone, causing delays in releases, increased costs, and risk to quality assurance and market confidence. Developers need a smarter way to test software, ensure security and track bugs and errors.

Introducing FAST – Fuse Automated Software Testing with AI. 

Project Summary 

FAST is a centralized platform powered by AI that automates software testing with efficiency and accuracy. With FAST, QA Engineers can allocate their time and expertise to critical and time-sensitive tasks, free from the burdens of last-minute implementation stress. This solution ensures efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind during live production, making software testing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

FAST can integrate with Jira, frontend testing tool Cypress, and other supported tools such as GitHub and Bitbucket. With built-in code and text editor capabilities and modifiable speech-to-text descriptions, FAST provides feedback and recommendations to increase testing coverage and reliability. Developers can leverage FAST to expedite error and bug detection, enabling their software to function seamlessly while allowing developers to release new features quicker. 

Key Features of FAST

  • AI-powered testing automation
  • Test case description integration
  • Seamless live production
  • Parallel test execution
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser testing
  • Reporting and analysis

Here is our conversation with Vicente Rustarazo, the business owner of FAST, about the ideas behind the solution, tech innovation, and more.  

Please tell us about your hackathon project.

One of the main problems we have when developing any kind of software is testing. In plenty of cases, we just trust that we are going to be adding people and that they are going to be doing tests manually.

And what we are trying to achieve in this project is to try to automate the entire cycle. Why do we want to do that? To reduce the time and reduce the errors, and making sure that whenever we are delivering any product, the quality is much better than just doing some manual tests.

Please share the skills and technologies your team used during the development of your project.

We used Jira as project management software to collect user stories that need to be developed and test cases. The other tool that we used is GitHub, all the code is going to GitHub.

And then, the skills that we need are large language models (LLMs) because what we are doing is training our own large language model just to be able to generate code automatically and do the test automatically for us. 

The main skills of the team are front-end, back-end, full-stack developers, and mobile developers. We had data engineers to structure the data and then ML engineers that are able to build and train these large language models. 

How did Fusemachines’ culture, resources and support system facilitate your hackathon journey and ability to innovate and deliver results?

The most important part of the culture of Fusemachines is the democratization of artificial intelligence.

What does this mean? That we democratize knowledge. How do we achieve this? It’s like being a family. It’s not that we do some work and then we just hand it over to another team. We work together to deliver solutions. And it’s super important. Mentoring, coaching, upskilling — that’s the most important part of our mission.

Bottom line

This AI Hackathon highlighted the talent, creativity, and collaborative spirit of our organization. One of the impressive projects showcased was FAST, which has the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Our commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and investing in skill development has propelled us toward our goals of success and continuous improvement. Hackathons like this one are a testament to our dedication to these values.

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