How NLP-Enabled AI Chatbots are Improving Customer Service

AI chatbots use Natural Language Processing (the ability to understand and produce human language) to assist customers at a higher level than the prior system, Interactive Voice Response. These powerful chatbots are programmed to answer questions and enable customer self-service, improving call center workflows and cutting the cost of staff employment for businesses.

According to estimates, 67% of consumers globally are using AI chatbots for customer support. Yet many consumers find these automated employees frustrating as they’re often heavily scripted or can’t understand a customer. But there is hope: as NLP improves engineers predict that these misunderstandings will become less frequent and customer experience will improve. 

What Can AI Chatbots Do?

  • Answer customer service questions, work as virtual assistants, or automate mundane tasks.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Provide status updates, website information, and product tracking.
  • Use NLP, deep learning, computer vision technologies and more to provide information or make recommendations.

Why Invest in AI Chatbots for your Business? 

To Create an Intuitive Customer Experience 

Without human interaction, it can be hard to create a personal connection with customers. It’s crucial for brands to use NLP chatbots for customer service to ensure their customers feel as though their experience is authentic. AI-powered customer service can extract necessary details from conversations to use when solving users’ problems. This allows companies to empower their assistance process and secure great reviews.  

Help Identify Customer Habits

NLP algorithms store data from customer interactions. This allows chatbots to predict customers’ actions and react accordingly, providing a thorough conversational experience. 

Provide Timely and Relevant Information to Consumers

The most apparent benefit of NLP-enabled AI chatbots is the zero waiting time. Customers do not like waiting if they have an important question that needs an immediate answer. The longer a customer waits for service, the more likely they will be unsatisfied with their experience. AI chatbots respond instantly. US businesses spend around $1.3 trillion on about 265 billion customer service calls each year. Saving time means saving money. 

24/7 Availability at Reduced Expenses 

Companies are replacing customer service reps with chatbots, making customer service accessible everywhere in the world at anytime. Auto Desk, a 3D computer-aided design company, has 24/7/365 availability. A perfect example of how NLP technology makes it possible to extend hours of business without adding employees and shifts. 

Bottom Line 

The future of automated conversations is bound to take over the customer service world. While AI chatbots are nowhere close to replacing their human counterparts, NLP has helped the technology come a long way in improving customer experience and has created a valuable asset for companies looking to improve their customer service department. 

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