Advancing AI Education in Underserved America in Partnership with School Districts

An Interview with Dr. Rick Surrency, Putnam County School District Superintendent

Fusemachines recently collaborated with Dr. Rick Surrency, Superintendent of Putnam County School District in Florida and the county’s QI Roberts School to create and deploy an AI training initiative for the school’s students. The program called AI2Go, which started as a workshop, has now taken shape as a full fall semester course. 

This initiative is a continuation of Fusemachines’ efforts to enhance access to reliable, high-quality AI training to different underserved communities in America and serves our mission of democratizing AI. 

Not too long ago, our CEO, Sameer Maskey sat down with Dr. Surrency to talk about the impacts of the program and the growing need for AI and STEM education in rural and underserved America. Here is the full interview.


In the interview, Dr. Surrency also shares his personal commitment to advancing STEM education and this video is part of that.