Fireside Chat: Developing Practical AI “Discovering AI Applications” Webinar Takeaways

This webinar was the 5th in a series of webinars on practical AI for business with Cee (Carol) Bunevich, VP of partnerships at Fusemachines, partner Jim de Vries, founder of Enhance International Group (EIG), and Bülent Uyaniker, Fusemachines PhD consultant and founder of DataSpeckle. 

EIG stands to challenge prevailing management practices by collaborating with companies on turnaround management, corporate restructuring, productivity, and performance improvement for companies and stakeholders. 

Mature Data Analytics is a Competitive Asset 

Aligning AI Elements 

The Apples of AI 

Machine learning 

  • Netflix – Recommendation for new movies
  • Shopping – “other people who purchased this also purchased this”
  • Recommendations – Call Centers to support the Operators
  • Predicting Housing Prices

Deep learning 

  • Commercial Real Estate to determine property owners
  • Documentation Automation
  • Human Pose Estimation
  • Face Recognition

Computer Vision

  1. Autonomous Driving
  2. Workplace Safety: Manufacturing or Warehousing Floor
  3. Automatic Anomaly Detections for Ensuring Quality: Parts
  4. Real-time Application of Edge Computing: Status Track & Trace
  5. Thermal Imaging Analysis: Hospitals Emergency Waiting Room

Natural Language Processing 

  1. Real-time Translation
  2. Sophisticated Chat Bots
  3. Airplane Reservations
  4. Voice activated Assistants

To watch the webinar, click here